What is Breathwork?

Breathing is something that happens unconsciously, out of our awareness and automatically. Yet, we have the capacity to bring awareness to our breath, and even to intentionally control or regulate it. We have the possibility to harness and direct this function of our bodies and apply it in a way that has therapeutic, nourishing and transformative benefits. On average, it is said that a person in resting state takes about 16 breaths per minute (although yogi’s aim for 6-8 breaths). This translates to breathing about 960 breaths an hour, 23,040 breaths a day, 8,409,600 a year. Which means there is so much potential in each day, each hour, each moment for us to reclaim our power, our well-being, to become present, finding more freedom and ease in our bodies, minds and emotions.

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All over the planet and from many different cultures, humans have found that there is something profound that happens when we bring breath into our awareness. The blending of consciousness and breath, a tool that is always at our disposal, has such potent transformational and healing properties. 


Breathwork is the practice of conscious breathing in a particular way and with intention which differs from the breath practices done in yoga, eg. pranayama. When we start out a breathing session in the beginning it requires some ‘work’, we adopt a breath pattern that is circular and connected, taking away the pauses between the inhale and the exhale. Breathing in this way creates a gyro effect, the wheel starts spinning, momentum is created and the breath takes over, the breath just starts to flow through and with us.

This continuous  influx and outgoing of the breath fills our bodies up with new, fresh oxygen and positive energy, and clears out all the energies (tensions, traumas and unprocessed emotions or events) that are old, stuck and don’t serve us anymore. Our bodies become saturated, vibrating with a higher amount of oxygen and energy.
We let go of the past and become more present.
Every breathwork session is different, we allow and we trust that we receive what is needed in the moment.

I created a unique style of Breathwork that pulls inspiration from many different types of breathwork. Combined together with yoga, somatics and other mind-body practices, I developed further this powerful tool for Transformation. During a session we use simple but profound tools and techniques to prepare and open up the body so you will truly find the depth of breath to have a positive and lasting impact and have a life-changing experience.

Benefits of Breathwork
Increased energy levels.
More oxygenated body.
Detoxification of the body.
Increase of relaxation, release of physical tension.
Enhanced mood, feeling more positive energy.
Improved functioning of digestive system.
More balanced nervous system.
Releasing unprocessed or suppressed emotions.
Relieves stress and anxiety, improved response to stress.
Releasing stuck trauma in the body and nervous system.
Letting go of limiting beliefs.
Enhanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
More mental clarity and ability to focus.
Feeling more alive and connected in mind-body-spirit, and the world around us.

Breathwork event in Bali, march 2019

The importance of full, deep, rich and smooth breathing
Due to the development of our modern civilization with its lifestyle habits and stresses, or because of tensions and traumas from life events, most of us humans developed poor patterns of breathing. We restrict and limit our breath because of the ways we started holding ourselves. We began to breathe in a way that is shallow, uneven, sometimes even holding our breath, thus under-utilizing the full capacity of our lungs and under-using the so important respiratory muscles. Without the full amount of oxygen in our bodies, which is a key element in so many processes in our bodies, our systems aren’t able to work with ease and to their full capacity, we are not able to detox the waste products properly and this is causing strain on our mind-body complex. 

Luckily we can learn better breathing habits and we can learn our bodies to hold itself in a manner that facilitates this better and healthier breathing pattern (we find what is called tensegrity in our bodies – more info click here). This healthier breathing pattern consist of breathing in a way that is deeper, fuller, richer and smooth. So it becomes us, in a very natural way, effortless but still having some energy behind it.

Below is a guided breath practice for you to learn and reprogram your body and breath system to breathe in this way, which is your birthright. Focusing on ‘completing’ your inhale and exhale consciously for an amount of time each day will start to create this healthier habit of breathing in your body.  You will be able to access this breathing and the benefits it brings more and more easily during your day and at the times when you need it. Practice this and you will see it naturally becomes you.

Join me and start to empower yourself with breath… 

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