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GHENT – Belgium

“Journey through the Fascia System
Module FOUNDATIONS (50hr)”

Yoga Immersion/Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance certified)

Weekend 1:
Friday November 1st (9.00-18.00)
Saturday November 2nd (12.30-19.00)
Sunday November 3rd 9.00 tot 18.00
Weekend 2:
Saturday November 9th (12.30-19.00)
Sunday November 10th (9.00-18.00)
Monday Novemebr 11th (9.00-18.00)

Yoga-on-Call Noord. Oudescheldestraat 16, 9000 Gent

More information: click here

1 Module = 695 euro

After completion of 1 module, 
you will pay 600 euro for each 
following module.

Join Rusty Davis for one or more Modules of this Yoga Immersion / Yoga Teacher Training! Taking a look at yoga, movement and relaxation from the fascia perspective. This training is for students and teachers of Yoga or any other movement discipline who would like to continue development in movement arts and yoga. This training is also for students of LIFE with an interest in tension release and the power of relaxation! Aren’t we all?

This immersion / teacher training works with modules, feel free to do one or all of them, there is no particular order for the modules. You will receive a manual for each module. If you are interested to teach, there will be plenty of opportunity to practice teaching in a safe setting. If you are not interested to teach, you just practice, no obligations whatsoever. You will receive a diploma from the Rusty Davis Yoga Continuing Education system through Yoga Alliance. 

Training suitable for anyone, for yoga students, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, ..

Your minds, bodies and breath system will change in a positive way!


  • Learn about anatomy in a whole new way that is exciting and easy to learn as you ‘feel’ your way through your body.
  • We will do an extensive study of the body: What is fascia? How does it work? Where are the fascia lines? What are the many functions of fascia? Where are emotions stored and why? What does mental and physical tension do to the body and how does this effect movement, posture and vitality? How can releasing the fascia affect our lives and of those around us?

After completing this Module, you will:

  • have gained anatomic knowledge from the fascia perspective; this will help you in day to day life, in practicing yoga or sports and in helping others.
  • will be able to take the contents of this module into practice, which will result in a more deep awareness of your body and your ‘holding patterns’.
  • feel an increased flexibility and awareness in movement.
  • be more aware of your breath, which can help in increasing energy and focus.
  • be able to use techniques that can help you to heal faster from injuries, overall lack of vitality or even sickness.

We will allow a maximum of 18 students for each module.


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