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Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd July


Change your breath, Change your life 

The breath is the only thing that matters in the human experience because it is the number one way we get our energy to live. Without the inhale we would expire, so why not look at the “how, what and why” the breath is so important. Get a deeper understanding of what a full deep breath feels like so when life shakes us we can have the anchor of the breath to not react or take in energy from others and have that energy affect us negatively. During this workshop we will explore: Using asana to improve your breath and resolve tightness in your breath specifically along your chest and upper spine. There will be study of how to use your breath to quickly change how you feel and think. Everyone will benefit from empowering qualities of the breath like “smooth, deeper, longer, uninterrupted, softness or passive but energetic for the inhalations and exhalations. As you move through accessible poses, you will be creating new capacity to breathe more fully. You will improve your posture, your focus and you will free tension throughout your fascia system, body and mind. Then at the end we will practice Transformation Breathwork, a powerful method that resets and will truly detox the body and mind leaving you feeling great and alive.

Yoga Anatomy through the Fascia System

Yoga is one of the most powerful methods of purification and strengthening that a human can practice but what exactly are we purifying and strengthening? When we explore, feel and move through the fascia system our bodies unfold into an array of layers that work together but sometimes the layers can be stuck causing blockages to show up in the body. These blockages could be emotional, patterns of sitting or carrying ourselves in the day to day situations we encounter. During this workshop we will explore the anatomy and functions of fascia like glide, adaptability, force transmission or bounce and Tensegrity.. We will explore the different Fascia lines as taught in Anatomy Trains by Thomas Meyers and move through different yoga asanas and active release movements to observe and then open blockages within each line. Anatomy can be such a complex study of the human body and confusion can leave you feeling low. I promise that through this study, you will learn about your body without all the “big” words. Feeling and present moment awareness is the basis. No experience needed, just a will to go the extra millimetre to freedom and explore the four simple steps of creating freedom of movement inside you.

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