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Nanjing (Shanghai) - China

"Study of Nadi (Energy) system and the nervous system."

Saturday July 6th or Sunday July 7th (2hour open class)

This will be a two hour class diving into the facia anatomy and how our energy channels within the fascia and nervous system are connected through mindful movements and breathing. In yoga we call our 72,000+ energy lines “Nadis” or “little rivers”. Sometimes they can have blockages from our past and flow very ineffectively and some flow very fast causing tension and pain. Getting flow to be more even will create more balance in your nervous system, happiness and life. Using Fascia Release Yoga, focused vinyasa, pranayama and Breathwork we will find more strength, knowledge and gain an overall calmness. In this class students will learn: 

1. The connection between the Fascia and our energy lines within our bodies. 

2. The connection between our nervous system and blocked energy that causes stress and pain held in the fascia system. 

3. How using fascia release techniques we can release tensions the stored within the body. 

What can students take away as knowledge is: Simple and powerful techniques to do daily to release pain and tension held in the body. They will learn what the possibilities of increased flow of breath and energy and how the nervous system is connected for more happiness and good feelings.

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