One-on-one session

Dive deep...

… during a Transformation Breathwork session.

As a breathwork facilitator I provide both group events and personal sessions. In a one-on-one breathwork session I guide you, in a safe container, back to your breath and its immense healing, nourishing and therapeutic powers. We will explore simple movements together that will help open up your breath system. You will gain essential knowledge about your own body and patterns, about how to breathe properly and then we will go deep into a transformational breathwork session. Releasing old stuck emotions, limiting beliefs, clearing up traumas. Creating space to bring in new, fresh and positive energy. It is even said by psychologist and psychotherapists, that one breathwork session can equal 1 year of talk-therapy. 

Explore more about breathwork and its benefits

… with a private yoga-class or training.

During a one-on-one yoga class we can go into your specific needs and wants. We can look deeper into areas you are struggling with and apply a more therapeutic approach to help you overcome certain blockages, tensions, or get a deeper understanding. 
If you have already done your 200-hour YTTC, you also have the opportunity to study further with me, providing you with YACEP (continued education credits). Maybe you want to learn more about fascia, roll&release, functional movement, release-work, hands-on-adjustments, …?


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Looking forward to meeting you, and supporting you on your journey…

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