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Welcome! My name is Rusty Davis

I have been practicing and studying the art and science of Yoga for over 28 years, and teaching internationally for 16 years. Studying and facilitating the profound practice of Breathwork (group and private) have been a part of my path for 8 years.

I was officially born in Vietnam, but raised in the USA. From my twenties on I spent a big part of my life in Boulder, Colorado (dubbed the most fit and happiest town in America). Here I had the ability to submerse myself into various physical activities (I filled my days with hiking, biking, swimming, …). 
I started my journey with Yoga, the first styles or lineages I got introduced to and practiced myself in were Sivananda, Ashtanga and Anusara Yoghurt. 

Boulder is a true epicenter of expertise regarding various movement and  physical healing modalities. I got to study with Thomas Myers (originator of Anatomy Trains – Myofascial Meridians), I participated in cadaver labs; … In my past I have also been an amateur and professional motor-cross racer, bicycle and BMX-racer, a care provider for people with disabilities and a cab driver (such a fun job!),…; until I turned my yoga teaching into a full-time dedication.
All of these experiences have given me the opportunity to develop a deep connection to my own body and insight into how the body and its energies work.

Boulder, Colorado – USA

Bali – Indonesia

I started teaching classes and giving private sessions in America, and then got invited to teach in Bali, thus moving my home-base to the yoga-hub of South-East Asia. Gaining experience through assisting many great teachers and leading various workshops and yoga teacher trainings; my colleagues called me the sub-machine for my ever ready availability and capacity to teach any style. I was one of the main teachers in Radiantly Alive yoga studio, and pioneered Roll & Release Yoga (myofascial release with the help off props such as tennis balls and blocks). Here I got introduced and trained in the powerful practice of Transformation Breathwork. Discovering this had a a profound impact on my life and helped me to release stuck traumas and emotions, gave me more clarity, energy and connection. During this time I also began venturing out to other Asian countries (like India and China), Australia and Europe to provide my classes, workshops and trainings on location. 

Throughout my personal practice and career as a yoga teacher I have been gathering and implementing knowledge around the fascia system, around somatic movement and practices, trauma and emotional awareness and release, many forms of yoga as well as other movement and healing modalities. This know-how infuses itself in my classes, workshops and trainings to provide for you an experience that is unique, grounding and uplifting, as well as the tools for your own empowerment and for finding more ease and freedom in your body and life.

I have also developed a style of Breathwork that pulls inspiration from many different types of breathwork. Combined together with yoga and other mind-body practices, I developed further this powerful tool for Transformation through Breath into an effective and profound healing and life-changing experience.

During any of my classes, trainings, workshops or immersions the breath and the inherent power that lies within forms the underlying basis. Showing and teaching people about their bodies, their physical and mental patterns, how to increase the capacity for breathing in an empowering and calming way (gaining more strength and ease in your life) is what I love most. Each class, each session and each training is different, as I draw upon my years of experience and provide what is needed in the moment based on the people that are in front of me. I also aim on improving my skills and knowledge continuously, studying and implementing all the new things I learn. 

My dharma is for you to walk away with knowledge and tools that will empower, embody and energize you in your own yoga practice and life.
Let’s connect, online or in person, and let me share with you some of the things I have collected along my way.

My Teachers and Mentors

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