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To have a teacher training with Rusty is an adventure on its own. He challenges you in all kinds of ways that leads to a big learning curve. He travels with you in filling up the room with his positive and inexhaustible energy, it works as an engine for your own practice. When there is a bump in the road he starts to challenge the way you think especially about the teachings you received, the way your body works, moves, what it needs and most of all he encourages you to listen to yourself to be your own teacher. The road is still long but he stays with us and encourages even when the training is done. 

Julie (28) - Yoga Teacher
- Belgiu

Highly recommend taking a training with Rusty, it was an eye opening & life changing experience. Perfect mix of theory, partner work, pranayama, trauma release, asana’s, meditation … I love the new level of body awareness I reached through this training, I feel more at ease, more confident. It gives me trust, energy & freedom. Getting into the body, opening up and allowing the breath to flow is just pure magic! 

ANNA S.(33) - Vitality Coach
- Belgium

“After just finishing the workshop with Rusty Davis, that he offers so brilliantly on fascia release and somatic movement, I literally grew taller! We talk about Embodiment, Rusty helps you just drop into and connect to the systems of the body… The surroundings are beautiful at Swasti Eco Cottages, I am filled with the Nature and Spirit of the land here…

RODOLFO YOUNG (39) - Author and Motivational speaker
- Bali
“I feel amazing and full of energy.  I can’t believe that waking up in the morning is so much easier and I am not that tired in the evening.
My back is so good, I don’t have any pain so far! 
I feel that I breath so much deeper and I take time now, a few times a day, to focus on my breathing.
Thank you so much Rusty!!!
It was a truly amazing experience.

LINDA B. - Teacher & Mother of 3

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