My next training coming up: 

November 1st – 11th (2 weekends)
50-hour-module of Journey through the Fascia System
at Yoga-on-Call Zuid – Ghent, Belgium

Expand & evolve your practice...

I have a Registered Yoga School (RYS200) with Yoga Alliance, and also offer 50-hour and 100-hour trainings for YACEP-credits (continued education) for people who have already completed their 200-hour YTTC and would like to continue their journey towards RYT-300 or RYT-500.

All my trainings offer a breath-focused and comprehensive education with a fascia system foundation. Grounded in the wisdom of experience, self-discovery and embodiment. 

Empower, Embody & Energize…

The 200-hour Foundation YTTC

I offer a breath-focused and comprehensive education with a fascia system foundation. Grounded in the wisdom of experience, self-discovery and embodiment. During our Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training you will have the opportunity to learn more about Fascia Release Yoga (a unique Myofascia “Slings” and Somatic Release combination), Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha Yoga.  We will cover the practical methodology, theoretical background, historical perspective and spiritual aspects of the science of Yoga. Experienced teachers will share their knowledge, understanding and personal experience of yoga in all its wonder and depth.

Graduates of the Yoga Teacher Training will be eligible for Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification. 

Topics covered in the training:

Techniques:  Includes asanas, simple breathing exercises, chanting, meditation. This include both training in the techniques and their practice.

Teaching Methodology: the Art of Teaching, Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, communication skills.

Anatomy and Physiology:  Includes both physical anatomy and bodily systems, organs, etc., and subtle/pranic anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, etc.). – with a special focus on the fascia system; making anatomy accessible and easy to understand.

Philosophy, Ethics, & Lifestyle:  Study of Yoga Scriptures (ethics for yoga teachers), yoga philosophy, hinduism and mythology, mantras

Practicum: teaching as well as observing and assisting in classes taught by others. 

Electives: Diet and Health, Emotions (Energy in Motion), Business of Yoga, …

Our mission is to help you teach and live with authenticity and from the heart.
Empowering you to inspire both on and off the mat

When is the next training?

No current dates planned yet

The 50 & 100-hour trainings/intensives(YACEP)

Foundations of the Fascia System (50-hour)

  • Learn about anatomy in a whole new way that is exciting and easy to learn as you ‘feel’ your way through your body.
  • We will do an extensive study of the body: What is fascia? How does it work? Where are the fascia lines? What are the many functions of fascia? Where are emotions stored and why? What does mental and physical tension do to the body and how does this effect movement, posture and vitality? How can releasing the fascia affect our lives and of those around us?

After completing this Module, you will:

  • have gained anatomic knowledge from the fascia perspective; this will help you in day to day life, in practicing yoga or sports and in helping others.
  • will be able to take the contents of this module into practice, which will result in a more deep awareness of your body and your ‘holding patterns’.
  • feel an increased flexibility and awareness in movement.
  • be more aware of your breath, which can help in increasing energy and focus.
  • be able to use techniques that can help you to heal faster from injuries, overall lack of vitality or even sickness.

When is the next training?

November 1st – 11th (2 weekends)
Ghent, Belgium

Path to Freedom through Release (50 or 100-hour)

Evolve and deepen your practice by learning a variety of new and different, simple yet effective techniques for releasing long held stresses or habitual tensions. Experience regaining your (inner) strength, feeling more freedom, space and clarity in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Release blockages that are holding you back so you can live your potential, giving yourself permission to be who you truly are. This intensive will enable you to support yourself, your clients, students or loved ones on the journey of healing, awareness and self-discovery.

This training is part of the Journey through the Fascia System series, with the possibility of YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program) hours for teachers who are already certified with Yoga Alliance. They are also suitable for EVERYONE wishing to deepen their knowledge of the practice of yoga, breath awareness, meditation, pranayama and your human body through the fascia.

When is the next training?

No current dates planned yet

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