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Return to Balance

Oxygen – Power – Freedom (Fascia series 1)

In this workshop we will open the fascia meridian lines which will help you to breathe and move more freely, regaining and increasing your power. By using a mixture of Vinyasa, Myo-Fascia Slings Yoga, “Elasticity” movements to find more space in the joints and specific functional strengtheners targeting the thoracic spine we will create more flow of oxygen in our bodies.  Then we will breathe in many different and focused ways, which are different from the usual pranayama techniques.  The end result will leave you feeling more calm in your nervous system, flexible in the body and more energized in all your cells.  Everyone is Welcome!

Balance – Flow – Flexibility (Fascia series 2)

In this workshop we will introduce you to a different approach of Yoga Asana focusing on the natural “Belts of Tensions” of the human body.  Ever wonder why so many people hold stuck energy in the same places?  This is your answers.  There will be practice of Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin but looking through the lens of the fascinating Fascia System and its important concept of Tensegrity.  Combined with mindful breathing and moving, plus breathwork this workshop will leave you feeling more energized and balanced both mentally and physically.  This is for Teachers and students with at least ONE year of practice. 

Cultivating Power and Balance: Basics of Breathing

Breath is life, and the quality of your breath determines the quality of your life. In this workshop you will explore, learn and practice how to breathe more deeply, smoothly and fully. Feeling the benefits this quality of breath can have in your life and on everyone around you.  Oxygen is the one essential thing that connects every human being and by correct breathing focus we can find the source of more health, vitality, clarity and confidence.  Different approaches to breathing will be explored; come prepared to move, to focus and fill yourself up with more oxygen and energy…it is your god given right. Everyone is Welcome!

Transformation Breathwork

We will take a transformative journey through the breath system. Having studied and practiced many forms of breathwork and working with thousands of people; I combined and moulded these forms together into a practice that will give you a life changing experience.  What we will be doing is NOT pranayama!  This is a focused approach on a “circular” pattern that is just right for you, which means you find the right depth and pace that serves you, come and find out why with practice.  I will facilitate this experience in a way that will allow you to feel safe and experience that place where the breathing becomes effortless and your body becomes saturated with oxygen.  Mental clarity, feeling expansiveness and a more positive attitude is our some of the results of this transformation.  Everyone is Welcome!

Contracting and Expanding

These outgoing and inward movements are the essence of us all, but why do we do this less than our fullest capacity?  With a ‘whole body’ approach we will explore why, how and practice techniques that will reset your core, that will let the ‘kinetic chains’ of your body connect and allow for more flow and ease in your breath.  This is profound and you will feel it!  We will use “Somatic” Solo & Partner work, pranayama and then conclude with a breathwork session that leaves your nervous system rebooted and myofascial system having space.  This is for Teachers and studentship of at least ONE year.

Functions of the Fascia and why they are so important

We will look into the mysterious world under the skin and discover how important the fascia system is to the whole-body approach that is becoming the talk in the yoga world.  We will do it through an approach that is both dynamic and static, reprogramming for the pathways of the mind, finding the lightness in your step and look at the right amount of activation and relaxation needed to move thorough your yoga practices and life.  Come prepared to learn about yourself in the deeper layers of yourself.  Everyone is Welcome!

Chairs, Blocks and Straps Workshop (Level 1)

All of us need support at times and yoga props can be just the tools we need to deepen the connection for us to have access to the right amount of muscle activation and fascia strength.  Using our own energy and props we can open ourselves up very quickly so our energy will flow more freely where previously there could have been blockages.  We find the support so we can actually stay, find our perfect alignment and a deeper breath.  Props are great ways to both support and advance your asana practice.  We give permission and surrender and this, I promise, will increase strength and flexibility for even the very flexible students.  Come explore and Everyone is Welcome!!

Chairs, Blocks and Straps Workshop (Level 2)

Same practice as above but with deeper focuses on all the fascia meridian lines and using all the planes of movements.  This will re-charge your practice and there will be so many gems to use for a home practice or for your studentship.  This is for Teachers and studentship of at least ONE year.

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